How To Set Achievable Goals: 7 simple steps

How To Set Achievable Goals:  7 simple steps

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It’s 3 days to the end of the month and I couldn’t be happier. Somewhat, I feel like February has dragged on for a bit but I’m excited because I have been able to tick off most of the goals I planned for Q1 and I’ll be sharing my learnings on how to set achievable goals with you!.


I’ll explain what all of this means

I didn’t achieve a lot of things I wanted to last year and I’m grateful for all the lessons 2019 taught me. In the quest of doing things better, I went on a quest to learn how to make goals actionable and achievable.
Here’s how to set achievable goals in 2020!

how to set and achieve goals in 2020
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Step 1: Write out all your goals

Making a list of everything you want to achieve is pretty difficult, but the good thing is, you can always update your list as the year goes by. Doing this puts everything into perspective.

Step 2: Breaking into quarters

Creating a huge list of goals could be very overwhelming when you try to figure out what to attack first. I solved this challenge by using breaking my goals into quarters i.e. I have at most 6 (maximum) goals per quarter.
We’re currently in Q1 and I have 6 goals out of my grand list of 21 that I’m focused on.
Doing this really helped as I have currently achieved 4 goals out of my list.

Step 3: Choose an end date

This isn’t a set in stone do or die affair, but it’s something that would guide you and encourage you as you work towards getting that goal achieved. I’ll recommend trying to be as realistic as possible; goals aren’t meant to overwhelm you.

Step 4: Identify habits you need to achieve the goal

We want these amazing results but we also do need to do the work involved to get those results. If you want to “develop a healthy morning routine” you might need to start waking up at 6:00 AM to get the time to go on a run and get breakfast before you head out at 8:00 AM.

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Step 5: Set up an accountability system

One way to make sure that you’re always working towards your goals is by telling people who are invested in you about it. They keep you accountable, offer advice and help you where they can.
It doesn’t have to be a professional accountability group; family and friends are a great place to find accountability!

Step 6: Put down your why

I’ve realized that overtime whenever I have a solid reason to do something I always do it well and I’m able to go back and remember why I began if I ever fell by the wayside. There’s a reason you’ve decided to achieve whatever goal you chose for this year. Writing it down beside each goal gives you something to hold on to.

Step 7: Develop a routine

Some goals will require a change in routine. Routines are usually a collection of habits. How does your routine need to evolve in order for you to achieve this goal?
Quick story: I used to enjoy heading home earlier last year but in line with the goals I have for this year, I’ll need to stay back for a few hours to work towards my goals.

I hope you find these tips helpful because I have been trying them since the year began and I already see a huge difference.
Do you currently do any of these? Did you learn anything new? I’ll love to chat in the comments section.

Love & Light,

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