FAQs: Eko Preset Bundle

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What Are Presets?

Lightroom presets work just like Instagram or Snapchat filters. They edit your photos by adjusting multiple settings such as colour, contrast, white balance, temperature, tone, saturation, vibrancy, sharpening, lens corrections, luminance, and others. 

They give your images a professional feel with just one click.

Are your downloads instant? How do I receive them?

No, our downloads aren’t instant. After you complete your payment you will receive an email from us with a secure link to download your files. Please be sure to download them within 24 hours.

How do I install your presets on my phone?

Read this guide or watch this tutorial on how to install my presets on your mobile phone.

How many times can I use the download link?

Files must be downloaded within 48 hours after purchase.

What if I have issues downloading the presets?

If you have any issue downloading the presets, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll walk you through.

Do I need Adobe Lightroom subscription to use the presets?

You don’t need an Adobe subscription to use these presets. The Lightroom mobile app is free and can be downloaded directly to your phone. Perfect to edit anytime, anywhere!

How do I edit my images with the presets?

You can watch a tutorial on how I edit my photos with the presets. Also when you purchase my presets, you get a checklist on how to edit my photos with these presets.

What type of image do your presets work with?

Presets work best when applied to high-quality well-lit images. I often shoot with my iPhone and these work great! Make sure to adjust exposure when needed.

How do I know which preset works for my images?

After you purchase my presets, you will get a checklist of what colors work best with each preset. 

What if I have a question or problem?

For any questions regarding the presets before or after purchase, please contact us at [email protected]

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of these products, refunds cannot be issued. Though, I’m happy to help you with any issue or difficulties you may encounter using the preset.