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A little back story…..

Hey loves,
Welcome to my blog! I started my blog in 2015 because I was a new kid in a new city dealing with so much.
Each day, I kept wondering if there were any people out there who thought as I did.
After reading many blogs, I decided to start mine – a year later, I niched down to fashion and in 2017 my multiple passions and journey to self-discovery led me to embrace everything I loved which was mostly Living simply, elegantly, and intentionally!

Currently, I’m a lifestyle influencer, an entrepreneur, and a woman in technology in Lagos, Nigeria. If you’re looking for someone who combines multiple passions and loves to keep it simple yet elegant, this is the place for you! I have grown so much as a person since I wrote my first blog post and my goal is to teach as much as I can from my experiences.

I’ll cover things from everyday lifestyle tips to beauty, style, travel, career, design, and good ol’ business lessons from my own experiences.
I am a very passionate individual who draws inspiration from my environment and my goal in life is to use that inspiration to support creativity, being unique, and divergence.

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Here, I share content focused on simple and elegant living. From vlogs living in Lagos that show the day to day of my life juggling being and influencer with working a full-time job to beauty tutorials, fragrance loves or my favorite tips for intentional living.

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