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A little back story…..

I started my blog in 2015 because I was a new kid in a new city dealing with a lot.
Each day, I kept wondering if there were any people out there who thought as I did.

After reading many blogs, I decided to start mine – a year later, I niched down to fashion and in 2017 my multiple passions and journey to self-discovery led me to embrace everything I loved.
Currently, I’m a lifestyle influencer, tech girl – working with an amazing team to create cool products, and an entrepreneur.

I have grown so much as a person since I wrote my first blog post and my goal is to teach as much as I can from my experiences.

I’ll cover things from everyday life, beauty, style, travel, career, design and good ol’ business lessons from my own experiences.
I am a very passionate individual who draws inspiration from my environment and my goal in life is to use that inspiration to support creativity, being unique and divergence.

About the Blog

Valerie Egbuniwe content has grown and remodeled over the years. Birthed in 2015, this is a platform where I bring to you my style, passions, musings and personal journey using style, visuals, and photography as a medium. My goal is to inspire youths across the world that they’re capable of doing anything they want to.
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