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With all that’s been going on in the country since the end of last month, it’s really a heart-wrenching time to be a woman. A lot of times, we’re often feeling helpless in times like this, what can we do beyond joining social conversations and how can we take action and make sure our voices are heard.

I had a mindset shifting conversation with some of my girlfriends and they informed me of all the possible things I could do in these times beyond just lending my voice to the conversation.

Here's how you can help and #takeaction at this time. #JusticeforUwa and #JusticeforTina and all the other hashtags that have trended need to be much more than hashtags this time! Click To Tweet

What can you do:

  • Volunteer: The dedicated to the causes are usually NGO’s and they could really use your help in boosting their human resources to get work done at this time.
  • Donate: If you can’t give time, you can give resources no matter how small to help these organizations get all they need in order to help the victims of these circumstances
  • Start Conversations: Lend your voice! Speak up as much and as often as you can. Not just on social media but anywhere in general. Always say something especially when women are being treated less!
  • Educate: Get comfortable engaging with people, especially those who believe that women should be treated less or certain behaviours warrant RAPE or injustice.
Thinking that when injustice in any form occurs, the victim deserves it is a flawed mindset for any human being to possess! Click To Tweet

In the end, we will remember not the words of our oppressors but the silence of our friends.

Martin Luther king

Organizations You Can Assist

1. Stand to End Rape

2. Mirabel Center NG


4. Handsoff Initiative

I hope doing something makes you feel less powerless and gives you hope at this time.

Love & Light,
Valerie 🤎