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Our life mapping session is a yearly event for the woman who chooses to prioritize intentional living.
This session is perfect for any woman who’s looking to

  • Connect with new people
  • Get an accountability circle
  • Lead a mindful life
  • Set goals the right way

In this online session, we’d be effectively designing and mapping what we wish to attract in this new year.
We’d be covering:

  • Reflecting + Releasing
  • Mindful goal setting
  • The truth about REST
  • Selfcare Pillars
  • Vision boarding
  • Q&A session

Worksheets would be provided for each session to always do this at your own convenience as the year goes by.

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Get to Know Us

Seun Afolayan

A Software Engineering & Product Management unicorn on a movement journey finding space through yoga & pole dancing 

Valerie Egbuniwe

A product marketing professional and digital content creator passionate about all things tech, beauty, business and lifestyle!