Get Connected With Opportunities

Get Connected With Opportunities

I’ve never really been drawn to HR or the intricacies of it. However, after my first role in 2016 as an intern in a media and fashion company in Nigeria, I realized that a lot of entrepreneurs in my employer’s network started reaching out to me and asking that I recommended people for internships or even full-time roles that they’re currently hiring for.

I found this super exciting and I would always share on my social media platforms and go through thousands of applications to ensure that I found the best possible fit to help grow a business. The weird thing is I enjoyed the process and the growth that I saw in those individuals years down the line as I would run into them and they reminded me of how we had interacted in the past.

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After much deliberation, I decided to create a pool of young talents with different interests which I would share these opportunities first hand with.

To be a part of this pool, all you need to do is sign up to this form and information will always be shared with you when your profile matches an opportunity.


I honestly can’t wait to connect you with opportunities in line with your interests that can propel your growth!

Love & Light,

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