Hello Everyone,
Today’s title..’Stepping Out’ totally clichè right?
But truth be told, of lately I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone, doing new things. Even with my wardrobe I’ve also been stepping out and feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

I was really excited when I got this blouse from“WANGER AYU” and I loved it so much after winning it in the @t2pitchy x Wanger Ayu Giveaway on Instagram.
 I decided to pair it with the white shirt and my hair in a low bun because the idea of this look was to have a girly look with an edge, as I’ve come to discover that my style isn’t entirely girly or androgyny but most times a meeting point between the two.

The beauty of confidence can never be over emphasized.


I used to detest wearing any form of fitting clothes … WHY? Simply because I wasn’t confident enough in them. Now that I do,whenever I can …I definitely would love to experiment more with fitting clothes especially dresses and skirts.

I’ve also  been avoiding bright colored clothes this new year but I’m really excited at the thought of having this piece in my wardrobe because I plan to style it in different ways and have fun with all that color which of course I would share with you guys. 

I really love how the white shirt changed the whole outlook of this outfit and this it is definitely a wardrobe staple!

Sometime All You Need to Switch Up An Outfit, is A Good Ol’ White Shirt!

   Not deviating from the previous topic at hand, I urge each and everyone to discover themselves and try their possible best to love who they are, no matter the flaws or insecurities. The moment you love yourself even with your flaws, it doesn’t become a big deal when someone else mentions it.

  Learn To Love Yourself

BLOUSE- Wanger Ayu
SKIRT-  Jumia
SHOES- Jumia 
BAG- Skinny Dip
GLASSES- Posh Kollect
WATCH- Jumia
Enjoy the week and Stay Confident.
With Spice,
Valerie ✨

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