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Happy New Month! I’m on time this time around *whew*

 I’m back! It’s been a while since I’ve put up any new posts and I’m really sorry about that. Thank you to everyone who checked up to know what was going on.
  If you follow me on Snapchat( you really should ) you probably would’ve known what I’ve been up to this past weeks. Basically I’ve been writing my second year final exams and I’m so excited to say….
    “Guess Who’s Done With Second Year?” ME!!!!
I’m so excited because 3rd year in August and Summer 2016 is here!!
 I’m finally home and wouldn’t have to be under pressure with school work for a while which I’m really excited about as this gives me more time to be super creative…Yas!
I’ve got an announcement : I’m the new brand ambassador for Amelia Couture NG !!! The dress shop launched few days ago and you really should check out their amazing dresses.
I really did love everything about this dress from the details to the finishing and I consider it weird because I’m usually not a huge fan of floral prints but I can say that Amelia Couture has given me one to love.
 I named this post Strutting because I seemed to be doing that in most of my pictures.
Outfit Details

Amelia Couture

Shoes- ZARA

Photography- Kechie
You could own one of these dresses by checking my last post


Have an amazing month and enjoy the best the month of May has to offer.

With Spice,

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