You would probably want to stay with me till the very end because there’s something interesting for you. 
I’m all for trying new products especially when I see one with a good review. 
 And when it comes to hair, I honestly always want to explore. 
I came across these products on @beautyinlagos ‘s blog post on Hair Extension Care. I personally was tired of having to give the hair dressers at school my extensions to wash or treat for means they always came back smelling funny and a lot more tangled when used and hard to touch when installed.
  I went on a quest to find out something that worked because right now as a naturalista, at some point you just want to do almost all your hair care needs yourself.
 I purchased  my Hairven Products from my local supermarket while in Asaba Nigeria, and here are my thoughts on these products.
When I tried this out it was literally love at first try! It smelt so good I couldn’t get enough of it and it lathered pretty good too.
  The hair I tried it on was super dry when I took it out and I just kept it that way without applying product but when I put a bit of the shampoo and ran it through the bundles, I saw a moisture getting into the hair.
 Now mind you I thought there was nothing super special at first when I used this on the first set of bundles(I’m so sorry I forgot to take any pictures to shed more light) I thought it was just because it was good hair.
 On trying this on the second hair type which was a kinky curly that had been ruined and looked worse when I washed it with a random shampoo and was making plans to be done with it and I decided to put this shampoo to test on this and boy o boy!! This brought my hair back to life!!! My curls came back and were super defined and I was so pleased with the outcome that I had to run show my mum!
It’s super important the shampoo you wash your bundles with, don’t just use any random shampoo for your bundles and what’s better than one created specially for extensions by a Black Owned Brand that knows the black girl bundle struggles?
Price: 1,750 naira
Chances Of Repurchase: 10/10
Packaging: 8/10
Quantity for price: 9/10
When they say it’s good for damaged extensions, they don’t lie!!!
 The shampoo brought back curls and moisturized which is unusual with shampoos and all but this conditioner is super good makes your hair so damn soft and smells super good too. 
*I’m a huge fan of fragrances so you’re going to be hearing a lot of ( it smells so good or bad or even awful) when I do reviews. 
 This conditioner brought my hair back to life! When I had the hair on it did shed a bit but didn’t shed at all when I washed with these products. 
 I remember complaining to the vendor and she told me to deep condition or just condition and leave for about 5-10 minutes so I would love to believe this did help.
Price- 1780 naira
Chances Of Repurchase-10/10
Quantity for price-9/10

Recently I’ve been drawn to a lot of black owned companies and nothing makes me happy when products from Africa are super good! It’s part of the growth process. One more thing I love about this brand is how they empower women to be entrepreneurs to find out more info on that, click 


 This goodness I couldn’t get enough of and decided that one of my supporters should get them to try them out and have the HAIREVEN EXPERIENCE  for free this time!
To take part in this here’s what you would need to do
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So have you tried this range before? What products do you use for your extensions? Your thoughts on African beauty brands? What’s your week been like?  Plans for the weekend?Spill it all below in the comments, let’s connect.
Have an amazing weekend,
With Spice,
Valerie ✨

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