It’s the middle  of the week and I can’t stop but think about how fast this year has gone by  and how fast life is in general. It’s about 3 am and I’m still battling with hitting the publish button or not. Although if you’re reading this, I probably mustered a lot of courage and went on with it.
  Here’s the thing,
I’m heading to  a new class in uni and also turning a year older next month and I’m so glad at how far I’ve come so far and I said to myself, “You’re pleased with where you are today but not comfortable, remember the journey was never perfect” and then it dawned on me that there was something I’ve always wanted to do but I was waiting for perfection in it.
     I also recalled that VEEFINITION was never perfect and still isn’t , infact it wasn’t even called that from the beginning . So I decided it was high time I started this. 
So guys, I’M GOING VISUAL!!!!!

   ”  A dream doesn’t have to be perfect for it to come together”

So let me know what you think, it honestly would mean a lot and now you could also ask me anything and I could be answering your question next.
P.S I also have a post called “Let’s Talk Blogging” coming up, feel free to ask those questions you’ve always wanted an answer to

Have an amazing week,
With Spice,

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