My Affordable Washday Routine with Megagrowth

My Affordable Washday Routine with Megagrowth

A queen never jokes with her crown, and she indeed never handles it carelessly; why should you?

Your hair is your crown, and it deserves tender love and care. You should know that your hair has a lot of impact on your appearance. You could step out looking like icing on the cake, but if your hair is not well taken care of, it could make your efforts seem wasted.

I have dedicated wash days where I take time to wash and take care of my hair properly. Do you know what the best part is?

There’s no need to break the bank to achieve strong, clean and healthy hair. With Megagrowth’s products, you can have a simple routine for under 5000 Naira!

I love to keep my routines simple, easy and effective, and these products help me achieve that. You can use “ValeriexMG” to get 10% off orders N2000 and above.

Step one: Section your hair

Sis, this is important because not only does it help to make your hair easier to work with, it also allows you to pay attention to all parts of your hair. I usually section my hair into four parts and twist them up. Once I’m done working with one section, I’ll twist it and move to the next area. It helps you make sure that every strand is shown utmost love and care!

Step two: Detangle! Detangle! Detangle!

I’m sure you’ve felt the unpleasant feeling of your hand snagging a piece of hair that you didn’t properly comb out. Detangle your hair before you start by add moisture to your hair and detangle again. This makes your hair easier to work with and allows products to get adequately absorbed into your hair.

I use a 3 in 1 plastic detangling wide tooth comb to work through my hair and detangle.

Remember to be gentle with your hair as you’re combing through.

Step three: Pre Shampoo (pre-poo)

Pre-pooing is the process of applying oil to your hair before applying shampoo. The oil acts as a barrier and prevents the shampoo from stripping your hair of all its moisture.

Benefits of pre-poo include

  • Adds extra moisture to your hair
  • Makes your hair softer and easy to detangle
  • Boosts the effectiveness of your conditioner and reduces breakage

Incorporating a pre-shampoo routine might seem like more work, especially when you consider your hair length and texture — but it’s worth the extra effort.

I do a pre-poo with Mega Growth Growth Oil, which costs NGN999.

After the pre-poo, I put my hair in a plastic bag to absorb the oil.

Step four: Shampoo & Conditioning

To shampoo, I use the Mega Growth Stimulating Shampoo, which costs NGN 829. I love this because it doesn’t dry out my hair, and it smells fantastic!

Typically I wash my hair in a downward motion because stretching the hair downwards helps to dislodge the dirt in the roots and washes it out while also helping to detangle the hair.

Don’t forget to shampoo your hair in sections to ensure all areas are properly washed.

Tip: Shampoo your scalp gently, massage your scalp to increase blood circulation and strengthen your hair follicles.

megagrowth shampoo

Step five: Drying

When it’s time to dry my hair, I wrap it in a cotton t-shirt for 30 minutes. This helps to remove excess water from the hair, leaving enough moisture to work with. It also prevents rubbing on the hair to dry it. Your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet, and rubbing your hair when it is in this condition can lead to hair damage and breakage. An old t-shirt is enough to dry your hair.

If you prefer to blow dry your hair, make sure you use one with a comb attached to it. This allows you to detangle your hair while drying it.

Step 6: Conditioning

After drying, I apply Mega Growth Break Free Leave-in Conditioner. I love this conditioner because it has a lot of slip, it has the right consistency for natural hair, and it smells so good!

washday with megagrowth leave-in conditioner

For my after wash care, I use the LOC method to seal in moisture in my hair.

LOC stands for

  • Leave in conditioner: it replenishes lost moisture in the hair. A lightweight conditioner is recommended to avoid weighing your hair down.
  • Oil: it nourishes and adds nutrients to the hair. There are lots of options for you to choose from coconut oil to extra virgin olive oil. Ensure you use only genuine oils to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Cream: it seals in the leave-in conditioner and oil in your hair while also keeping your hair hydrated.

The LOC method helps retain moisture in the hair and seals in products leaving your hair soft and lush after your hair care routine.

After going through the LOC method, detangle your hair and style it as you wish. I always style my hair in a low bun with a middle part. As a rule, I don’t use gel or heavy styling products after washing my hair.

Once I’m done styling, I wrap my hair in a silk scarf to set the style in place.

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