How to Change Your Mindset for Success

How to Change Your Mindset for Success

Sometimes it feels like things are out of your control and the best solution we can come up with is to sit, wallow and consider the “could have been”.

Get up sis! I know it sounds like another “easier said than done” situation, but I can assure you that it’s much easier than you think.


Change your mindset for success.

Give me a minute babe, I’ll explain.

How we feel about situations has such a significant impact on us and affects how our lives eventually play out. Being positive helps you learn from situations, and the silver linings become much more evident.

Our self-care challenge helps you develop a positive mindset and outlook on life. You can sign up HERE.

In addition to this, I’d share a few extra tips to help you change your mindset and start working towards the life you truly desire to become the Queen I know you are.

Speak Love

I know you’ve heard it said a thousand times, “love yourself”. The truth is if you don’t see the reasons why you’re amazing, it will be next to impossible to speak good things into your life. When you accept yourself and stop using other people’s lives and achievements to grade yourself, you’d find it easier to be kinder to yourself.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to go about it. Our self-care challenge is packed with positive affirmations you can start with to practice speaking to yourself with love and kindness.

You can also choose to place these affirmations in places where you see them every day so that you always remind yourself of the good things you’re calling. Speaking love to yourself, is the first step in changing your mindset for success.

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Spend Your Time Wisely

We’ve heard it said that what you feed your mind is what your mind will produce. What are you doing in your spare time? The lockdown period made us inseparable from our phones, but we can positively maximize that. By choosing to invest your time in activities that put your mind in a positive space, listen to uplifting podcasts, pick up a new skill, watch inspirational videos on YouTube, read a book, or build a new habit. Our phones are portals into a whole world of positive things we can use to invest in ourselves

The amount of time you dedicate to yourself is proof of how much you value yourself and how much you prioritize your well being.

valerie egbuniwe how to change your mindset for success

Make Your Space Yours

Sometimes we are influenced by our environment, and we have no idea what’s causing our problems. I once read about a strategy salespeople use to make people buy their products. They create a buying environment so soothing and comfortable that people are convinced to buy.

Create an environment that gives you room to grow and develop yourself. You can do this by doing something small like investing in new pieces to add to your living space, decluttering your room, or going to places where you feel loved and accepted.

Don’t hang around in places or with people that leave you feeling battered and bruised. You’re in control, and you can determine what sort of environment you place yourself in. Let your space always speak volumes about how much you value and love yourself.


Self-care And Intentional Living

Self-care is different things for different people. The journey of discovering what works for you is amazing in itself. Skincare and beauty routines are just one aspect of self-care. Take time out to figure out other things that make you feel good and invest in them.

Another point to note is that things are moving at warp speed, and everyone is on the move trying to figure out what’s next. It’s essential to take time and revel in beautiful moments; being present in situations makes life more fulfilling.

Stop and smell the flowers. Be intentional about everything you do and how you live your life. Know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how it makes you feel.

Don’t forget to plan ahead, as this helps you keep track of where you’re going but make sure the goals you’re writing down are realistic. Even when it seems like the plan doesn’t come to fruition, you have an idea of other ways to achieve your goals.


Spice Up Your Image

  • Your appearance is a reflection of how you view yourself and what you think about yourself. Once you become more aware of yourself and understand what makes you happy, it’s easier to channel that into your appearance to present yourself in the best possible light.

I’ve outlined some of the steps you can take below:

  • Make sure your clothes are always ironed. This gives you a clean look every time, no matter how simple the clothing items are.
  • Make sure your makeup is always clean. It’s easier to do this by opting for a simple and minimal look; you can get inspiration from my simple go-to makeup.
  • Invest in your skin, and don’t forget sunscreen. This is easier if you create a simple routine that caters to your skin’s needs. I’d recommend doing a consultation with a licensed dermatologist before investing in skincare products.

In summary, be deliberate in taking care of yourself because you’re as important as everything else.

valerie egbuniwe how to change your mindset for success
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I hope these simple tips help you! Stop wallowing girl, pick yourself up and apply these tips to turn your life around.

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