How to Win the Instagram Game in 2020

How to Win the Instagram Game in 2020

Hey Loves,

I told myself that this year, I was gonna go beyond just creating content to sharing all the knowledge I have gathered in the past 5 years winging my way around digital media and all the many forms of manifestation it has.
My first attempt towards this goal is to teach you how you can win the Instagram game this year!

Why did I make this decision?

When I started off, there really wasn’t a lot of information online and most of the things I learned I had to figure out through extensive research and trial and error. My goal is to create something to assist anyone who is looking to go on a journey in the fields I have experience in.
In the last 3 years, I’ve been able to grow my Instagram account, I still learn every day and hope that this does help someone. Read my back story here

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What you’ll gain

  • How to niche down
  • Create content that captivates
  • Optimize your account
  • Manage engagement
  • Applications that make it easy

Where these tips have helped me get to

Don’t forget to share this on your socials and tag me! It would mean the world to me seeing what lessons you take away from this guide.

Love & Light,

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