How I Keep My Lips Healthy In The Dry Season

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Hello everyone 

You know how in other parts of the world they’re currently experiencing winter ? Well in Africa or maybe it’s just Nigeria, we’re experiencing this really dry season called “Hamatttan”. 

 I feel like the name even reeks of dryness and this image does all the justice there is to explaining this weather.
 The most important thing during this weather is keeping every part of your body healthy so it doesn’t dry out or look like this or prevent being ashy.

Basically I believe the key to having healthy lips during this season is moisturizing and this can be done with a variety of balms. My staple balm although is ‘Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm”. You could shop this here

Although if your lips are already chapped they could be saved. Below are a few steps you could take 

• Get a teaspoon of grated sugar
• Add a teaspoon of olive/coconut oil
•Mix them both 
•Apply generously to the lip

The sugar helps to exfoliate the chapped lip and the oil helps to moisturize. I fee this method helps exfoliate without being too drying.
I hope these steps do help someone keep them lips healthy.
Have an amazing week, with awesome lips

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