Off Duty: New in Delta

Off Duty: New in Delta

Hello everyone

Firstly, I’d say HAPPY NEW MONTH guys.I’ve been gone for a while and now I’m back😊.
Exams were amazing and I thank God for that. Been attending Shiloh, a church program and I really haven’t had time to blog. I’ve missed blogging so I decided to do a welcome back post. I wanted something casual and relaxed, so I decided to give you guys a peek at what I’m like when I’m not being serious or trying to pull some blogger moves.

Remember KayKay of Kanwulia ?? We spent the day together. Her blog relaunches on 1st January 2016. Do keep the date and check her site.

When looking sun-kissed, selfies come in handy.

Being a happy child and basking in the amazing weather, permit me to burst some moves. *dancing*

Being in Delta, I’m still searching for amazing places to visit. So guys if you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know.


Tee- Gifted
Leggings- Street Buy
Shoes- ASOS
Glasses- JUMIA
Watch- GUESS

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