Hey guys

I’ve been so busy this week haven’t really had time because of my schools college week. I’m on the planning committee *wink*
 College Dinner was last night…pictures are coming up. I won best dressed 100 level female.  I was thrilled tho. Thank you to all who voted.

I noticed every one wants to see the full outfit from my last post. Took some of these that day with my friend Uche Osakwe an old friend of about 5 years 

📷📷- @Masterroosevelt||Chroma Media
I don’t know why we looked like a couple here.☺️

I’ll try to be balance everything properly thanks for loving me guys. Hope this week went well😘😘 Full outfit post is still on its way. Wait on it 😉😉

                    💥  VALERIE💥

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