Month 03… Here

Month 03… Here

2015 seems to be running by quickly. 3rd  Month is here already. Things have been going pretty well ever since the year began. A little bit of ups and downs but El Elyon has been faithful.

   This awesome write up was sent to me by a friend , Christain Kalu
Instagram – chriz_kalu

It’s been a while
A very long time
Imma take a minute to think back
Words I lack to express what I feel
I’ve been crushed and broken
From the inside out
Events bear no joy,just pain
There is this longing for something new
There is this presence of something different
These words so shallow
To capture the depth
Why can’t life be so good ,plain
Long lasting happiness
Without the constant expectations
Of a negative change
Why should someone’s life be better off than another
Humans we all are
Aren’t we all equals?
Memories turned cages around us
Garden of anger and hate
Fruits of sorrow and bitterness
Everyone for themselves
No one cares to think of another
In pain some die silently
Yet we all walk around with smiles
Some love unexpectedly
Some get addicted to someone
Some hate love
It’s never been felt
Damaged and depressed some fight for joy
While some don’t even care
For they are happy with their comfort zone
Some are just misunderstood
They are different
And human beings afraid of change
And Judgment
Try to change them into who we want
We try to make a reality of our dreams in people’s world
With no regard for theirs
Why do some people care
For those who do not seem to want it
Some gradually begin to believe
The lies they’ve told themselves
It can’t be better
They can’t be wanted
They can’t be loved
There’s nothing beautiful about them
What happens when you can’t stop caring
When you need to be alone
Separated from everything and everyone
Not everyone that comes into your life
Was meant to
Some are just beautiful accidents
Unexplainable attraction
It’s annoying to feel something unexpected
And there’s nothing you can do about it
What happens when you’ve slowly
Become someone’s source of joy
And you begin to drift away
Can they be happy without you
Do they know how to be happy without you
Sometimes we no longer know what we want…
Where we’re are going
What we feel
We do not recognize our reflection
Drifting we are
A wreck we’ve become”.
 Have an amazing month. This month is our month
                  ❤️  Valerie❤️

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