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Confident In RHB Style
This is my first time pulling off a playsuit and I usually stay clear of them but this particular piece called me to it. The amount of detail it has going on, pulling it off wouldn’t be a huge task as the playsuit takes most of the attention.

The amount of confidence and sexiness this outfit infused in me, had me feeling like Beyoncé and made me believe more in the saying “If you want to change your mood, change your clothes” ( I am not exactly sure if someone said this or it’s something I usually tell myself), but clothes to me are more than just pieces that cover my nakedness. You can tell my early morning mood for a particular day from what I decide my OOTD is.

I would highly recommend this outfit for a fun night out with the girls, especially if you’re like me and you’ve been indoors most of the time and looking cute at night isn’t really your forte.
We all know the dazzle a RED lip adds to a look and the M.A.C Ruby Woo has been my child hood crush, although the Taos Eko City which I reviewed HERE is a great substitute.

When it comes to stepping out at night with the girls, black is usually my go to color and I usually choose one piece to do all the talking and for this outfit, we know it’s definitely the play suit so I tried my very best to keep every other thing toned down.
And Oh! the sheered sleeves just make me love this piece even more, I’ll say this is at a great price for the amount of “oomph!” it adds to your wardrobe.

Play suit: RHB Style
Shoes: Steve Madden (something similar)
Bag: Something Different in Red
Earrings: Zoya Jewels
Hair: Hair.Ng
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo 

What are your thoughts on play suits? Would you wear this one? What is your go to night out look? And if you’re not one who is always in on Friday night like me, how would you advice us to stay popping at night outs?
With Spice,
Valerie ✨

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