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“Bro I love the fit man you always looking so good, how do yo do it?”. 
Fortunately, these are words I happen to hear every now and then.
 Despite the fact that I try my best to make sure I look presentable I’m not going to tell a lie and say it was pretty easy.  As a matter of fact, it was a struggle, creating my own style based on what I had.  I honestly don’t believe wearing the most expensive clothing automatically means you’re stylish.

I see a lot of people either decked out in all Gucci, Saint Laurent or any other high fashion brands out there who look somewhat ridiculous. Fashion is most times said to be a form of expression of one’s personality and emotions, which I very much agree with because, whenever I have a bad day, a brother can’t be bothered, I literally wear the most depressing, nonchalant outfit there is.

Fashion has become my first love. I try my best to stay abreast the recent trends, best looks, worst looks and so on, and this is crucial. You don’t go to an exam without studying and expect to pass the same way. I don’t expect you to take me seriously if I’m not well informed about the industry I love.

Looking stylish and fashionable is easy once you take the time to discover yourself.  I believe everyone is different.
Although I have some fashion icons I look up to, I don’t try to dress exactly like them.
Fashion is about self-discovery, what suits you, what you’re comfortable in.
I have tried to dressing like virtually most of your favorite rappers and I was always the dude with the expensive clothes looking hella average(which wasn’t what I was aiming for).

It wasn’t until I decided to be myself, find myself, dress like Manny and no one else that I started to stand out.
I have come to believe that fashion is an attitude, something you develop over time.
Observation and analysis are key.
Picking out what fits you is the most important, all factors considered (Skin tone, height, body shape and all that).
Always remember, no matter the brand, no matter how expensive or how mainstream whatever you’re wearing is, if it doesn’t fit, your outfit is not good enough.
 Choose the style that’s best for you and roll with it and I guarantee you’ll keep looking flawless. Patience is key, staying true to yourself is also key.
 Don’t try to be someone, borrow ideas, coin it with yours and slay !!
This is fashion through my eyes.

Hi Everyone,
It’s Valerie here! This guest post answers one of the FAQ’S I usually get i.e. “How To Stay Stylish On A Budget”.
If you would like to ask Emmanuel further questions, contact him HERE

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