How to Install the Eko Preset Bundle on Your Mobile Phone

How to Install the Eko Preset Bundle on Your Mobile Phone

You’ve seen an Instagram post, an ad or maybe a recommendation from a friend. You’ve decided to purchase the Eko Preset Bundle and now wonder what happens next, this is your claim process in simple easy steps

Step 1: Open your mailbox

This should be the mailbox of the email address you entered while purchasing the bundle. You should seen an email with the following subject “Files Available for Download” ,

Step 2: Click on the following links

To download the DNG files, click the first link in the email called “Download Lightroom Presets”
To download the preset color guide, click the second link called “Download Preset Color Guide”
To download the content creation guide, click the third link called “Download Photo Content Creation Guide”

Step 3: Stay on Your Browser

While downloading each file, remain on your browser and look at the top right corner until the download is complete

Watch this video to get a better understanding of the following steps

Step 4: Accessing Presets

Click on the zipped file called “VEC Presets” which launches you to any file manager on your phone and opens as a zipped file.
Click on the file to unzip it after which you then save each photo to your camera roll

Step 5: Using Presets in Lightroom

Launch the Lightroom mobile app and proceed to create a folder called Eko Presets, import all the downloaded files into that folder, click on each of them and create a preset.
Note: Naming this as they’re called in the preset pack will help you always find them when you need them 🤎

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