About Last Night|| Photos from Dinner

Hey guys

Exams start on Monday so I’m gonna be away till May and the blog might under go some changes.
 Here’s how I went. Black baby! When you can’t stress combinations.
Outfit was a shirt on a black body con dress.
With Richard Okpanachi
Twitter- @ Richyrogers_
Instagram – @Richyrogers_
With Scott Bawo
Twitter- scott_Bawo
Instagram – Scott_Bawo

Joy Okwenne 

Twitter- @_Joy_O
Instagram – @Joee__

Mezue Mary

Twitter- @mexykul

Instagram- Maery__

That’s all we got to take, before it went dark 

Like I said It’s Blogging Break Time

See you guys in May😘😘😘😘

             💖Valerie 💖

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