4 Nights in Rwanda – Girls’ Trip

Hey loves,

First off, Happy New Year!
I’m currently trying to update y’all with content that was created last year and hasn’t made it on here. In June 2019, I took a 4 day trip to Rwanda- Kigali & Gisenyi with 3 girlfriends!

It was such an amazing experience and also well needed because I was going through so much at the time and I needed a break away from Lagos and everything that was stressing me at the time.

I’ll be creating a guide to help you plan your girl’s trip and get the best possible experience as a Nigerian in Rwanda soon. Make sure you sign up to be notified when it goes live.

Outfit Links:

Day 1: Heritage with Love
Day 2: Desire 1709 Fashion
Day 3: Style in Lagos
Day 4: Heritage with Love

Have you been to Rwanda before? If yes what was your favorite part??

Talk soon,
With Love,

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