It’s My Birthday: Turning 18

It’s My Birthday: Turning 18
Hey y’all
On the 25th of September, I was finally legal!!!!! Yeah, I’m an adult in most countries but here in Nigeria, it doesn’t change the fact that my parents still have a huge say in almost all that I do( #GrowingUpAfricanProblems).
At first, I lost the excitement but when I saw all the beautiful people happy for me on this achievement. I got excited too and I’m so grateful to God and to all you beautiful souls who sent birthday wishes. I love you guys so much. With this little story, I learned that those things that might not matter to you might be a huge deal to someone else out there, stay forever grateful!
 Here are some selfies I took, as I was in school and had classes and not much was out of the ordinary. What’s a birthday without a selfie?

All this green….haha we went for an African treat😏😊

Hey sometimes goof! Have an amazing week guys❤️

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