Through the Eye of the Camera|| 10 Tips For Amazing Pictures by TCD Photography

Through the Eye of the Camera|| 10 Tips For Amazing Pictures by TCD Photography
Hello there,
It’s February and if you’re reading this, you made it!!
Yes, we all did like a dream of January went by. Although January crawled by for me. Happy New Month once again and congratulations for still being on the 2016 journey.
My love for imagery has grown so much and my fascination with it is just… Well, a story for another day.
This led me to start a new series on the blog today, where I bring to you tips from amazing photographers to create that perfect picture ( or almost perfect as nothing is perfect we’re all just working towards perfection). This series is titled” Through The Eye Of The Camera”. I would be exploring and keeping you updated with my budding love for imagery on this platform.

Our first feature in this series is TOBBIE of TCD Photography. I personally fell in love with Tobbie’s work years back, around my 4th year in secondary school ( high school) and I’ve been following up on his work and when I decided to start this series, I thought to myself why shouldn’t I feature the first photographer who made me wonder why pictures looked so perfect?

Tobbie is a Lagos based photographer,  who takes beautiful and very creative pictures, that convey whatever he’s trying to communicate through every picture he has taken.
I got talking to Tobbie finally and I got him to share his top 10 tips for amazing pictures, which I bring to you today.

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10 Tips for Amazing Pictures

1. Understand your tool. It could be your phone or a camera. Know the right mode to use.

2. Find a very good light source. It could be light from the window.

3. Lighting is key.
4. Look for good locations.

5. Compose your shot properly. It helps eliminate distracting objects from the photo.
6. Make sure the camera focuses properly on your subject’s eyes ( or yours ).

7.  If your hand is shaky, use a tripod.
8.  Pose your subject properly for the shot. Use available space resourcefully.

9.   Take the shot. Don’t waste time taking so many shots. Move on as soon as u get the right shot.
10.  Touch up the picture. Don’t over-edit.

I was so glad I got these tips and would be using them to create images and might end up sharing some of them with you. View more of Tobbie’s works HERE. Contact Tobbie HERE
Feel free to also tag me on social media when you create images using these tips.
Stay creative, have an amazing month filled with love and happiness.
With Love,
Valerie ❤️

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