Hello Everyone,
It’s been a while but I’m back again with another review to fuel your Saturday online shopping experience and I’m so glad it’s the weekend and I hope we all had a great week.
I first stumbled across

TAOS COSMETICS on Instagram when they launched their highlighters some time last year. They were so glowy and pigmented that they caught my eye. Now in 2016 when the Liquid Velvetines came out,

and I saw shade Jozi. I told myself that I had to try something out from them. Even if Jozi was the first I’ll get others with time.
Now trying out these liquid velvetines was a beautiful experience for me because I don’t always wear lipsticks but I had myself looking forward to trying them out because of how gorgeous they looked.
I was so excited at the thought of trying out products from my first Nigerian brand. I just wanted Jozi but I ended up getting them all and I’m glad I did.
Here are my thoughts: 


I’ve always wanted a beautiful brown liquid lipstick even before everyone started raving about True Brown K in the Kylie J collection. This I loved so much because it was something different and I was pleased with it as I really either don’t wear lipstick or stick to those type of nudes that you’ll never see on the lips.
This is a rich brown and is definitely one every skin tone can pull off. It’s there but not in a loud way in a so damn pretty way!


2. MARRAKECH: This is a really pretty pink color and is definitely one I would wear with and without a lip liner. Here’s something no one might have told you about this color- Makerrech looks lighter in the bottle and deepens a bit when in contact with the lips and smacked. YES! It does and I find that super cool and fascinating. I haven’t been a huge fan of pinks in a long time because somehow that’s the color everyone expects me to spot. With Makerrech I’ll be rocking my pinks so stay tuned to see. Also, it’s a very pretty color. Goes on smoothly on the lips and doesn’t break if applied over exfoliated or prepped lips.

3. JOZI:  This is all shades of beautiful!!! This one won my heart over for the Taos brand it made me want to try out all the available colors. Jozi blends in as a perfect nudish clay brown for me ( PS I need to form my own English words to explain 😩😩).
I’ll get to try  Jozi out on its own. I always wear mine with my Zaron Bold Lip liner and it makes it so pretty and gives me that ombré nice brown look I usually like to have!
4. EKO CITY:  This is definitely a red fit for every skin tone. It’s so damn beautiful for someone like me who doesn’t really like color on my lips. I would wear this anytime  seeking to turn heads and it’s so pretty! In fact they all are. Now I tried taking this one off with just wipes and boy it was so damn messy! So please in order to avoid having a red mouth region, kindly go over this with Vaseline or any form of oil before taking this bad boy off. I wore this to the just concluded Lagos Make Up Fair and received a lot of complements plus I met the amazing 

Tina of beautybyttee

When I do purples they’re usually darker than this but this shade just works fine for me too. I low the way it stood out against my white shirt I’ve used this color once, I’ll most likely wouldn’t wear it all the time but if I’m seeking for something a bit edgy and different this would be my go to color.
Packaging : 9
Longevity Of Wear : 8.5
Customer Service  : 9
Applicator: 8
Coats Needed: 2-3 coats
Pricing:  Affordable 
Ease Of Application : 9
Honestly, TAOS COSMETICS really did a good job with these products and I hope more colors do come out soon.  Due to the country’s economy I would advise anyone seeking to get a really good liquid lipstick right now to hop off the ABH/ DOSE OF COLORS etc. train for the time being and give these a try. You can always return back if you want a shade this doesn’t come in but these products are really good and cost only 2,700 naira while others costs about 3,000-13,000 naira depending on where you purchase it and what you want.
I had a lovely time trying out these colors and as the weekend is close you too could try them out and please tag me when you do. Would love to see your creations.
N.B-  Liquid lipsticks come off easily when they come in contact with oil . It’s advisable to leave the house with your lipstick if you would be having oily food during the day and if they get crusty always take off the old one before you reapply.
Have an amazing weekend!
With Spice,
Valerie ✨

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