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Style Story is back and today we have DERIN taking us on this journey.

Aderinola Odugbesan-Thomas I have always been a fashion and style lover, I also work retail fashion where I run a brand called ‘mode’.

To me style is very personal, what works for one person won’t necessarily work or interest another, but I feel as long as you are comfortable in whatever you wear or whatever you think your style is then go with it.
My personal style depends on my mood actually, and I totally believe in less is more, but then again sometimes more is more, because of my size a lot of times getting my perfect fit is a problem, but I make it work, I’m not really into earrings and neck accessories but rings and bracelets I love, i always make sure I rock the hell out of whatever I wear comfortably whether it’s on a budget or high fashion, it’s not about the brand it’s about how you pull it off, a lady who’s total outfit costs N5000 can look way better than the lady who’s total outfit costs N100,000, but don’t get me wrong I totally love high fashion a do definitely rock either very well as well.
Right now I’m totally loving the ‘bomber jacket’ look also I’m a denim girl so give me denim any day anytime, that’s one trend that would never go out of fashion, I’m also here for the wide leg pants look with an oversize shirt, and pleats also, I live for them.
Here are a few pictures of me in outfits and styles I love, hope you love them as much as I do…. Xx 
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 That’s Derin’s style story! What are your thoughts? Please leave comments below.
Have an amazing weekend!
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