Hello Everyone,
The weekend is getting closer to some people its count down to ‘Turn Ups’ for me it’s count down to ‘Exams’.
The sheer trend has been rampant in 2015 and based on the just concluded fashion week, I think we would still be seeing a lot of it in 2016. In this post I recreated my own version of a head to toe sheered outfit as seen on  the Kardashian/Jenner clan( which I would say could pass for their signature look for this year)
This outfit is something that should totally be worn relaxed. I thought to step out of the norm and wear them with heels instead of regular flip flops or sandals to exude that relaxed vibe.

•Quick Update 

Lately, I’ve been feeling so confident and I really don’t know why, but I’m so glad I feel this way. It’s been helping me a lot and I always did hear a lot on the importance of confidence. Now that I’ve experienced it, I’m so thankful and grateful to God for it. I guess I’ll just say this confidence came at the perfect time. Also, my relationship with God has grown stronger and faith posts and experiences on my journey would be coming up soon.
I urge each and every one of us to be really confident and believe in ourselves because honestly, it goes a long way.
This last picture I totally love, I honestly don’t know why I guess because it seemed so effortless. Here I kinda got tired and decided to squat for a while and when this picture came out I just fell in love with it. 
Would you be rocking the Sheered Out Trend anytime soon? I would love to know

Outfit Details 

Shirt Dress-Atmosphere 

Sheer Jacket-DIY(mail me to order)
Shoes- Top Moda
Neckpiece- Gifted
Sun glasses-JUMIA

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