O.O.T.D || February

Hey guys

 It’s really been a while, with school work and a bunch of other things I’ve been busy but I always squeeze out time because I love you guys.
 January is over and I learned a lot of things and now February is here.
 February the month of love… Let’s try to spend it, well-showing love, to people.
It’s Sunday had a mini shoot after getting really late to church today. I’m not a huge fan of orange and red together but I’m changing my mind *wink*
Here’s what I wore today.
Outfit details are below
      Blazer- H&M
      Shirt- Dad got it for me
      Shoes- Amazon
      Pants- Oldie
      Watch- Guess(. A gift from Dad(
  Photo credits and make-up – Kanmie Awoyemi she tries to have my time often. She’s a true sister💖💖.
                  😘  XOXO😘
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