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My Top 5 Decluttering Tips
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Today’s post was inspired by Dia&Co to help share with my readers how I declutter and how decluttering has helped me generally.

I was a strong hoarder…. I say was because now I know better. Decluttering once in a while is highly important. A lot of people look forward to certain seasons or times of the year to declutter but I personally believe it can be done all year round.

I would be sharing with you in today’s post the top 5 tips that helped me perform my first ever declutter, which was one of the best decisions I ever made. After decluttering, I felt way better because I had less stuff choking my space and I felt so refreshed.


This is the base of any form of decluttering you ever plan to do. Tees, jeans, dresses, shoes, bags…. the list goes on and on. Bring em all out and have that in a pile either on the floor of your room or the bed. However, I always go for the floor, because more space and you also get to see everything all at once and nothing escapes this process.


You could always invite a friend over, either a member of the girl/guy squad or even bae (hell yeah!) it could become a bonding exercise and it’s also a plus because you get the honest opinion of someone who genuinely cares about you on how the clothes fit…etc.

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When decluttering, it’s advisable to have 3 major piles;

  • Keep Me
  • Let Me Go
  • Maybe

I wouldn’t really advise you to bother with trying on the ones that make the let me go cut. As your mind is ready to part with them, which means you truly do not need them anymore.
However, it’s okay to try on everything in both the maybe and keep pile as some of them really need to make it back to the let me go pile.


This is one of the things most hoarders struggle with most of the time. Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what sentimental value an item might hold to you. It’s okay to let someone else have it if you’re not really making use of it. You need to part with that black bra or those pair of jeans which you’re trying to get to a size 6 to wear again which has been in your wardrobe for over 5 years.
If talking yourself into it isn’t working, here are a few questions which would show you the need to;

  • Is it damaged beyond repair?
  • Does it fit properly?
  • Do you always try it on but never really wear it?
  • Would you buy it again if you had the chance? (this applies to both luxury and trendy pieces)
  • Does it fit your current style and personal image?

After answering these 5 questions please let that item go or better still consign if it’s not damaged beyond repair or make donations and make another human’s day.

You got to step 5, You did it!!!

Now grab your cell and call a service you could donate to or your local consigned items dealer and make a little extra cash.
And have that organized curated wardrobe of your dreams.

These are my own personal tips. What are yours? How often do you declutter? Did these tips help?
I would really love to know.

Love & Light,

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