If you follow me on snapchat  ( You totally should!) then you are probably aware of my current love for healthy skin and hair because truth be told, you generally feel  better with these two things. When I finally saw an opportunity from The Blogger Point NG (connecting brands and bloggers) to try out skin care products from Mint Organics Care I was super excited and couldn’t wait to try them all out because  not only did they look amazing but they were organic i.e made mostly of natural ingredients which is now the center of my skin care choices.

Mint Organic Care is a Nigerian based organic skincare line. Locally made and fully natural, MOC uses the finest and purest ingredients from around the world to produce chemical and toxin free body products.

Founded in 2014, MOC strives to create a lavish experience for all bath and body needs while developing beautiful and healthy skin.

 My package contained:
1. PINK GRAPE FRUIT BODY & FACE SCRUB: This was honestly the first product I did try out. My latest obsession for skin care got the best part of me and I’m so glad with this new development because there has been so much improvement with my skin. I don’t really have anything to cover up or try to hide any more.
I don’t think i can make you guys understand how much I loved this particular scrub. It’s the first oil based scrub I’m ever trying out and I have nothing but love for it. The oil is so soothing and this keeps my face so moisturized unlike other scrubs I’ve tried out which tend to strip my skin of a bit of moisture.

CON: The scrub tends to give your nails a pinkish hue if scooped with the fingers and leaves behind a little film which could be taken care of by just washing your face with any soap of choice after scrubbing.
Would I try this product again: YES!

I should be doing a post on what changed in my skin care routine soon, so please keep in touch to be informed.
2. SHEA BUTTER AND OATS BATH BAR: This is bar is so moisturizing. I was pleased with the contents (Shea Butter and Oats) because I’ve been trying to go more in the natural products direction when it comes to skincare. This also served as a a form to add moisture back to my skin without applying any moisturizer after using my black soap.

CONS: None.
3. JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM: This turned out to be a weekend staple for my friends and I because everyone love it. Even the boys and it did smell good. It lathers pretty good and is very moisturizing which I noticed at some point was the constant property with these products and reason I loved them the more.

4. BANANA FOSTER BODY BUTTER: This body butter was a life saver! I took a break off my body oil and this gave my skin the amount of sheen and moisture I wanted and it smells like actual bananas. I got a lot of complements on how I smelt while using my Mint Organic Care Box but if you’re allergic to any of the natural products used they have varieties so there’s something that works for everyone.

5. CREAMY COCONUT BATH BOMBS: Bath bombs are hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients which effervesces when wet. They are used to add essential oils, scent and color to bathwater. They are a form of bath fizzies. I honestly didn’t know what these were when I first received them but now that I do, I don’t think I’m going back on this anytime soon it’s my own little way of giving myself a bath room treat once in a while. 

CON: None really but bath bombs generally aren’t supposed to be left too long
6. TWO CANDLES: The candles are so cute and small one of the reasons I love them besides them smelling heavenly. I’m a huge fan of fragrances and I can now have my room and other places smelling really good.

: 9

This is my own personal opinion and experience with these products and I’m so amazed at the quality this brand provides.I enjoyed doing this, are there any other products you would like me to try out?  Have you tried out any products from them before? Let me know below.
Have a great weekend,
With Spice,

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