My Bodycare Routine for Glowy Skin

My Bodycare Routine for Glowy Skin

Body care is one step in skincare routines that is usually overlooked. Skincare doesn’t start and end with just a face routine. Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, it houses and protects and needs to be nurtured day in day out.

The first step in having a skin care routine that works is understanding your skin and it's needs Click To Tweet

There are two aspects of skincare we should work on; the inner routine and the outer routine. the inner routine is, eating healthy meals and taking in enough water to keep our skin healthy from the inside, while the outer routine is the products or activities we do maintain a healthy skin.

When building a skin care routine, it’s important to consider the following factors: skin type, lifestyle, and budgets to ensure we are able to maintain the routine we chose.

My Body Care Routine

I keep my routine short and simple, but I pay close attention to the products I use and my method of application.
Here is how I care for my body


Currently, I have few ways I like to remove hair from my body; waxing, shaving cream or shaving with a razor. I have been shaving with a razor due to the lock-down. I lather the parts of my skin I want to shave with olive oil then I shave using the Gillette Matchstick 3. It is important to use a good razor to shave to make sure you don’t cut yourself. I prefer using a razor with 3-4 blades. That’s why I go for the Gillette matchstick 3.


I exfoliate my body at least three times a week to get rid of dead cells on my skin. I use “With Love Keju” body scrub in citrus. It is rich in antioxidants, and a good source of vitamin C. It also has a brightening agent that helps your skin look bright and radiant. I love this body scrub because it contains oil which keeps my skin moisturized while scrubbing.


I use the Dove moisturizing cream in Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals which is my current fav body wash. This is because I like how it smells and how my skin feels moisturized after each use. I pair it with the regular Nigerian sponge to wash my body. After showering, I dry my face with a different towel or a cotton pad. One thing I strongly advise against is using your body towel on your face. It’s not hygienic at all and can lead to breakouts.


I moisturize my body with R&R body oil and St Ives revitalizing acai blueberry and chia seed oil lotion. Oils leave a good amount of moisture and shine on my skin hence the mixture. I make sure cream gets to my elbow, between my palms and back to avoid dryness.


Sun exposure is a major cause of premature aging and skin cancer. That is why I use sunscreen whenever I have to go out. I use Sunscreens even when it is rainy because the clouds don’t block the harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating my skin.  You can use is the Neutrogena SPF 100 sunscreen which is a spray SPF that can fit into your handbag.


When picking out my deodorant, I always check the content to be sure it is good for my skin. I discovered that deodorants that contain aluminum Aluminium chlorohydrate tend to darken your underarm, so I avoid products that have it. I use the Nivea fresh natural deodorant which doesn’t have that component. This deodorant blocks out sweat and keeps me fresh throughout the day.


I like to take care of my nails to make sure they look neat and beautiful. I cut and clean my nails so they always look groomed.

Have you tried any of these products before? Do you have a body care routine? I would love to know 🤎

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