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We all know the black girl struggle of finding an affordable foundation that actually works. Each day I see different products storm the market and our ever saving black beauty bloggers go ahead to try them out and tell us if they work and if they do we all start loving them and emptying our pockets to get them because we know it worked for our black sisters.
Now I hardly wear foundation, but the few times I do this is what I’ve been using for the past 3 months. Reason I believe it’s due for a review .
 This particular foundation isn’t just a foundation only but one mixed with a concealer. The coverage is on the high side as it covers up my dark spots without the use of a corrector. It comes in a minimal shade range, with being the lightest and 14 being the darkest.

This foundation cost me about “4000 naira and I come in the shade “Amber” “11” . Now if you’ve got super oily skin, then this foundation is not for you!! Except you use it with a really good mattifying primer. I have combination skin and it does get a bit oily especially on my nose area but it’s not a bad kind of oily more like in a subtle glowy way. Maybe it’s because I use a little bit of it as a little goes a long way. This foundation comes with a pump, so it’s super hygienic and wouldn’t mess up your make up purse!
DON’T use this foundation with a brush it streaks a lot, works amazingly with a beauty blender but if it does come to brushes I advise you stay away.
However this is my personal opinion and experience so far with this product.
Packaging- 7
Longevity- 4 hours( before I blot my nose)
Price- 7
Chances Of Repurchasing- Yes! If I don’t find something better by the time I run out!
You can purchase from

Beauty Rev NG or your local beauty store!

Have you tried out this foundation before? What are your thoughts? What foundations would you recommend for women with colored skin? What is your holy grail foundation? Do let me know below.
Have an amazing week,
With Spice,
Valerie ✨

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