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Remember our previous male fashion posts from HERE and HERE. I’m really excited to tell you that I intend to keep the series alive as there was feed back from the male folks on how much they did love it. So today I’m here with Emmanuel
  *Emmanuel’s Take*
Hey Guys, My name is Emmanuel Okenye and fashion is my addiction. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast concerned with standing out but still looking good. My style here is quite different, inspired by an urban streetstyle, I’ve been able to make it work.


A Little History on the Style.
Majority of the mainstream urban streetwear brands known today started in the 1980s. Early streetbrands took inspiration from the DIY aesthetic of punk, new wave and hip hop. Most of these styles involve skinny jeans, extended t-shirts, leather jackets and distressed clothing. Major clothing brands such as Nike and Adidas also affiliated themselves with this new trend, producing sneakers which support the streetstyle.


Urban Streetstyle has really become so mainstream. It has also taken over the entertainment industry. Major hip hop artist have also contributed to promoting this fashion style through their music videos, photoshoots and some of them even started their very own brand. Experts say this style of fashion is still going to be relevant for a very long time. And to be very honest we can clearly say that this style of fashion looks really good in most occasions. Celebrities like Kanye West and Ian Connor have inspired and promoted this style in so many ways.


What I tell most people when they ask what inspires my style is that, I don’t try to be like anyone. I don’t point out anyone as my role model in fashion because I feel we’re all unique and we have to stick with what suits us best. Whatever style you choose to go with might be similar with someone else but it will never been the exact style. Comfort is important in all cases. Dress to look good but also make sure you feel comfortable in every way. I have tried almost every fashion style and I’ve come to the realization that this is what suits me best and yes, I look so good.
My fashion tip for everyone today is, Fashion is an attitude. It is something you develop overtime. Observation and analysis is key. Picking out what fits is the most important. No matter the brand, no matter how expensive or how mainstream whatever you’re wearing is, if it doesn’t fit, your outfit is not good enough. Choose the style that’s best for you, make sure your clothing fits perfectly and keep slaying. God bless. 

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