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Remember our Style Story Series from HERE ??. I’m back again with another take.
Here’s a lit th back story; I do get inspired by a lot of things I see and coma across everyday including other people’s styles. Yes! Bloggers too get inspired by other people. I’m still amazed by how much people get to show who they are and what they’re about with their style. I always believe there’s a back story behind everything and every source of inspiration I find. Which led to the birthing of the “Style Story Series” there’s so much to share.
Now let’s get sharing!!!
Today we have “Igee Okafor ” of and he’s sharing his story with us.
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Lets have ;
                                                      *Igee’s Take*
1. A brief description of yourself and what you’re about
>> I would describe myself as creative, fun to be around, positive, enthusiastic, and hardworking. I’m all about indulging in endeavors that excite me, and are socially responsible. I think that is very important. I am a man of many talents, and interests, and ultimately, I just want to be able to use those tools to inspire, influence, and make a difference in the world even if it’s just as small as being able to make people smile.
2.Whats your definition of style?
>>I like to say that style is more than the way you dress. Overall, I believe real style reflects in the way one presents themselves. It’s in the way you walk, its in the way you talk, it is in the way you go about your daily activities, and it is in the way you interact with people. I think those are the specific characteristics that differentiate people, generally. One who has great style stays true to themselves in the most tasteful way. They possess a specific, and signature quality in aesthetic that other people can be influenced by. 
3. What’s your style story?
>> Nowadays, my personal style is more minimal, and simplistic. I like to keep things very light. I go for pieces that I believe will transcend time, and often I enjoy experimenting with contemporary pieces in menswear. My interest in menswear sparked around 6th grade. It was around that time, I started to dress myself but I did not take it too seriously until my peers started to. I started off trendy, I would say. I wanted to a part of the cool kids crew, so, whatever was hot at the time, I wanted to have. I believe I have touched on almost every genre of style in menswear that there is. I was about 19 or 20 years old when I settled on the way I dress now. After all the experimenting, preppy/dapper wear was what I felt most comfortable, confident, and powerful in so, I stuck with that. Not strictly though. I am open to trying new elements, as long as I feel like myself.
4. Any trends you’re currently loving? Please share with us?
>>I’m not sure I am aware of the trends going on in menswear at the moment. I spend quite some time on instagram, and from what I see there, I’m really liking the use of accessories. Rings, Bracelets, Scarves, Lapel Pins (which I am slowly adapting into my wardrobe). I think they’re so cool. I still like the sneakers with suits. I also heard that the 70s style is making a comeback, so that’s great too. I think we live in a day, and age where people are not really focusing on what’s popular. At least, not in my age group. People are wearing whatever they want to wear, regardless of the occasion or the season, and that in itself is sort of trendy. Kind of. So, I’m loving that movement too. 

Photo Credits: Andrew White, Gina Palermo, Victor Jolley, & Xavier Duah.

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