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Life Update with A Vintage Twist

Hey loves!

The last time you probably saw a post fro me, I was in my final year in uni and was trying to graduate and figure this thing called getting a degree out.

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I finally conquered Uni and came out with a Computer Science Degree (Second Class Upper) , prior to my graduation, I went on a 4 month ( May – October 2018) Work and Travel program to gain experiences I possibly didn’t encounter while living and growing in Nigeria.

I came back in October and spent time with my family and friends and went through to a phase trying to discover what to do next because everyone kept asking ” Now that you’re done with uni, what NEXT?”
I believe that majority who asked this question meant well but all they were doing was creating a frantic 21 year old. I missed out on the first NYSC batch because I had issues with my JAMB admission letter, they thought I studied Microbiology 🙄.

Towards the end of November, NYSC eventually came and Alas! I was posted to Enugu State, Nigeria. It nearly broke me because I had planned activities to help me get my brand on track for the next month which became futile the moment I had to spend 3 weeks in an unknown destination.

I eventually braced myself and went on to serve my nation, I met amazing people, very different backgrounds and thought processes and I learned so much from them. I intend not to discuss my horrendous experience (in terms of living conditions). There are enough articles circulating the internet that already give insight into that.

After camp, I went on a job hunt and got offers but none of those offers ticked 3 out of the 5 boxes I had. I eventually gave up and trusted that I would get posted to somewhere good enough.

Luckily, I did get something okay. It’s not my dream job, but I am learning and thriving.  While working, I still engage in other side hustles that give me the satisfaction that I desire.

In the subsequent posts I would be sharing, a lot of things would be changing. From my content delivery methods, to the kind of content I would be pushing out. I have grown so much since I first hit the publish button on the  5th of January 2015. I would be taking you through my journey as a young adult trying to figure everything out ( starting a series dedicated to this soon).

On that note, I would wrap this update up. If you wonder why I tagged the title, “Life Update with a Vintage Twist”, these pictures where taken in 2017 and have been in my drafts for two years.

After instagram shut down, I am more motivated to create a space where all my creation is documented. Hence, I would be putting up more content on here and I hope that you stay with me.

With Love ,


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