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Hey people

It’s a new week already and this month is almost over. 2015 has taught me a lot since it began. I picked out some I can’t seem to let go of to share.

1. Your Clothes Speak For You
 I’ve heard this a lot of times but it never really made sense till now. At some point I really didn’t care how I looked, friends kept talking… But I’m the stubborn type *wink wink* . Right now, things are totally different( GLORY). 
   The clothes you wear define you, they help you feel confident and make it possible for people to listen to you. They make a statement even before you speak. Joshua Okonoboh taught me a lot     on this lesson.
2.Your Name Is What You Decide To Answer To
 I saw this quote when I was in secondary school….can’t really remember who made it…but it stuck.
 I’ve heard people say “Oh, they call me that, I don’t like it but I have to get used to it”. Your name isn’t what people call you rather you decide what you want to answer. You make horrible names seem okay, if you keep answering when you’re called them.
3. Giddy Up, Don’t Be Scared To Do Something New
  Since this year began, I’ve been trying a lot of new things. Most times we’re really scared to do something different but then these things still turn out to be really good once you’ve done them.  
 I took a big step and had my “Big Chop”
on 18/02/2015. Here are pictures ( selfies seem more appropriate)
Leave comments below, I’ll like to know what you think.
4. Most important thing I’ve learnt so far really, “TO BE GRATEFUL” even for the tiniest of things. A heart of gratitude or thanksgiving does a lot. You just feel happy and light, it helps you avoid dwelling on set backs. In summary, you’re a happy beign.
   I’ll like to know what lessons February taught you. Please leave comments below, follow and subscribe.

 Have an amazing week

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