Even if right now I am honestly struggling between making this post about the Lagos Fashion and Design Week or about other things that have kept me away on here for a while, but the showcases and cuts from designers I fell in love with all over again as their models strutted in their pieces on the runway, wouldn’t let me do that to you, my lovely readers.

So diving in today, I’ll be sharing the lessons I learned just like I did in my last post HERE, I’ll be doing both the lessons and designers that stole my heart and made me want to be more so that my empty student bank account could be able to afford them.
At the end of the week, I honestly had myself reminiscing on how I just wanted to be able to afford them not just to fit them into my wardrobe and have crazy amazing pieces but also in doing that I would be helping the Fashion Industry grow as it’s fast becoming a solid contributor to the Nation’s GDP.

So enough of the long talks, here are the lessons I learned
1. Not Everything Has To Go How You Planned It: So last year I told myself that I was gonna attend this year’s showcase religiously and create great content but guess what my friends, I understood that being so much of a planner isn’t a good thing after all and if I continued to go down that path, I honestly would miss out on a lot of good things in life.

2. Style Is Personal: This might have taken me a while to learn or maybe I even picked up this lesson after I read this article from Jordan HERE. I realized that there have been times that a lot of stylish people have been disregarded and made to feel out of place, just because they do not conform to society’s view. At the end of fashion week, I told myself one thing Ïf you feel like wearing it, then wear it, girl!”.

3. Be Confident In Your Own Opinion: Now, believe it or not, one thing I have grown to love about fashion week in my two years of closely following it up is how it brings so  many different people together and in a pool of so much diversity, it is so easy to loose yourself but then if you believe in something and it’s not a bad or shallow belief then hold on to it. But then if you come across a different point of view that seems better and just about right, then go for it. DO Not Be Scared to Learn.

4. Hardwork Pays With Joy At The End: I absolutely adored the joy and smiles on each designers face as they all stepped out at the end of their showcases beaming and smiling as the crowd cheered. Honestly, I just thought of all the effort and sleepless nights they might have had and how in their hearts , they probably gave out a huge exhale saying Ït Was Worth It”.

Now those are the gems I picked up this year. And about the designers that stole my heart, they’re a lot but I’ll talk about those from Day 4 as that’s the only show I had the privilege of attending this year as we all know the student life can be exhausting.
In no particular order, I loved the show cases of Bridget Awosika, Lisa Folawiyo, Lanre Da Silvia, Orange Culture, Tsemaye Bintie and for the other shows I didn’t witness but Mai Atafo’s showcase stole my heart.

In conclusion, one thing I really loved about #HKLFDW16 is how most of the designers had more pieces that could be moved from the runway and worn on the streets.

Have an amazing week,

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