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Hairversary ??? I don’t know if that’s a real word but I’ve used it quite a lot that my friends have learnt to accept it. Today officially makes it one year since I had my big chop (flash back to 18th February 2015 when I came to class with extremely short hair after having extremely long hair the previous day) . Looking back at it, I believe that’s one decision I’m really glad I made.

I’ve become huge on tags sort of so I thought to answer questions on my hair.
Also view this natural hair forum I love so much  HERE . 
1.Why did you start taking better care of your hair?
  I craved beautiful healthy soft hair and I do have hair goals( I’m not really keen on length) but who says bra length natural hair isn’t beautiful??
2. What are your two favorite hair products??
    It has to be my leave in conditioner (Profectiv Mega Growth) and my coconut oil( I’m still new on the band wagon but I’m in love).

3. Whose hair did you admire as a child ??
  I didn’t really have any hair models because I was so in love with my own hair but I used to admire my moms length once in a while.
4. Ultimate goal length?
    It has to be waist length but once I’m at bra length I’ll be pretty excited.
5. How would I celebrate my ultimate goal length?
   I’ll get a blow out and take a lot of pictures. I might throw a mini party *wink*
6. Two styles you want to try at goal length?
     Honestly, I really haven’t thought of this but a flat twist out with massive volume would be nice.

7. Which do you prefer health or length?
 Health all day.
8. What products do you prefer?
  I’m still young in this journey but I’m a lover of conditioners and beautiful scenting hair creams.
9. Favorite part of your hair regimen???
    Moisturizing and scalp massaging.
10. Worst part of my hair regimen??
 It has to be wash day, sometimes it takes forever but I’ve been trying to find ways to cut down time spent. Please leave any advices.

11. Oils or butters??
       Tbh it depends I’m a sucker for scents and that plays a huge role if I’m to choose as butters smell better but oils are so soothing.
12. Buns or ponytails??
    Buns all the way.

13. Wigs or weaves? 
      Wigs all day although I’m still struggling with giving up the weave life.
14. Where do you like to surf natural hair advice from most?

15. What advice would I give to someone starting up a hair journey??
      I would totally advice anyone going natural to:
      ** Love their hair and understand it.
      ** Find what works for them and stick to it.
      ** Be very patient with their hair and enjoy every bit of the journey.

I would really love to know what works for you and what your answers to these questions would be?
Hope the week was great and who’s anticipating the weekend with me?

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