How to Secure an Internship in Nigeria

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How to Secure an Internship in Nigeria

Hey loves,

It’s been ages!!!!! I’ll be lying if I didn’t say I missed y’all! Today really isn’t a catch-up post, I’ll be doing one if you want it. I recently tried to hire my first intern (still on this btw).
I got a lot of poor applications and I thought to share tips that will help because I really want us all to win and grow together!

You’ll need to watch the whole video to get all the information, but here are the top points if you’re looking to skim and get on- I’ll be really sad 😩

1. Identify why you want to intern – it’ll help you communicate this throughout the application process so the employer understands your goals.
2. The search – search what organizations and brands align with you.
3. Plan a strategic outreach – how do you reach out to ensure you’re hired?
4. Get your CV and Cover Letter on point – these two documents separate the OGs from the rest.
5. FREE tips to build up your application when you have no work experience.
6. Interview & Follow up

That’s it for today! Do you have any tips to help in winning internship applications? Please share.

Love & Light,

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