How to Get Started With Journaling + Journaling Styles

How to Get Started With Journaling + Journaling Styles

I was having a random conversation with someone, and the topic of journaling came up. In her words, “I want to journal but I don’t know how to start”. I decided to create this post to explain “how to get started with journaling”.

My conversation with her eventually made me realize that some people think that there’s a ground-rule and truth be told, there isn’t!
Weirdly, my journal is a trail of disconnected thoughts, that I understand and truly that’s enough

Your journal is a personal recollection of your thoughts.

All you need to do is ask yourself a question and let the words flow. I started journaling consistently a while back and also made it part of my daily routine (there are days when I miss out, so don’t think it has to be the same).

Journaling has played an incredible role in my life. It helped me understand who I am as a person better, what I believe, what I see, what I care about, and what my deepest values are. It’s the perfect place to record the little things in my life, especially those I am grateful for that I would love to come back to years after and smile.
Like I would always say, my journal is a place where I can express myself without judgment, however, there are different ways to go about journaling and I’ll share a few of my favorites.

Journaling Styles

I like to believe that journaling is a self-care activity. It is a way of expressing your feelings on paper, which according to scientific research, is therapeutic. I understand that it can be hard to stay consistent but finding a style that suits your lifestyle is one way to remain consistent.

There are different styles of journaling which includes: 

Classic Journaling 

If you are someone who requires time to think and process how you feel, then this method is for you.

This style involves setting a special time to journal and get your thoughts out in long-form paragraphs. This form of journaling provides the ultimate freedom to go all out and express your thoughts and emotions on paper.
You could do a recap of your day or a situation you encountered etc.

Gratitude Journal 

how to journal - gratitude journaling

This journaling style simply involves listing 2-4 things every day which you are particularly grateful for. It could be gratitude for health, little gestures, or reaching a milestone. Eventually, it will help you appreciate the things in your life and would also come in handy when you are down as looking through would help you see growth and be appreciative

One Line a Day Journal:

As the name implies, this journaling style involves making a short sentence journal entry per-time. This could be 3-4 words sentences, about what happened, how you felt, and/or what you observed. This journaling style is idle for beginners who struggle with how to start a journal, or what to write in it. It also serves as a basic recorder of daily life events.

Intention Setting : 

how to get started with journaling; intention setting

Starting your day by simply jotting down your intentions for the day is a journaling style that can help you get in the right frame of mind to achieve all your tasks without feeling overwhelmed. This is a simple journaling style that helps track your day just like a to-do list. 

Through my years of journaling, I have learned some important life lessons;

Firstly, I have discovered that recording events in my life creates a deeper connection between my outer everyday conscious self and my true inner self, which has made me understand myself better.

Secondly, journaling has taught me to be mindful of my thoughts. Going over my old journal, I now realize that the way I viewed life in the past affected my decisions. Our mindsets play a huge role in our realities and we need to always remember that. I have also been able to track my personal growth in terms of goals, changed habits, etc.

Ultimately, you can have a combination of all types of journaling as you can have it all if you choose. Which method are you excited about trying now? Share your journaling stories in the comments! 

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