Happy New Month Lovelies!

2016 has gone by so fast and it’s the eight month already and let me tell you something, if you’re reading this, You made it! Yes you and that’s something to be super grateful for. No matter how crazy the year might have been so far for you.

The month of July was a rough one for me as I went through a lot of stuff. I’m still torn between sharing that experience with you guys or not.
 It was so crazy that I even forgot my one year bloggversary and this is something I’ve been looking forward to for ages! Positive Vibes only I keep telling myself so I’m pretty trying my best to restructure and get up and doing.
If you follow me on Instagram (

@ValerieEgbuniwe) you probably must have seen the skirt and this has to be one of my top faves in my wardrobe right now. It goes with anything and everything.

Now, the most interesting part is that this skirt cost me less than 1,000 naira,$3. I mentioned in one of my last post how I found thrifting therapeutic which might not have made any sense. Best believe most of the best denim pieces I own are thrifted and I’m always pleased whenever I look at them!

This beautiful blouse was gifted to me by the amazing
Dedun and I’ve been in love with it ever since I got it. Recently, I finally got that much needed wardrobe cleanse and I’m building up my wardrobe again. This time with a lot of versatile pieces that serve more than one purpose.
And need I tell you that: a good ol’ denim bottom and a super cute black blouse has to be one of them?
I’ve gotten so many questions on thrifted denim and that’s why I’ve decided to help anyone who’s interested in getting some to do so. If you’re interested in getting inexpensive denim to revamp your wardrobe feel free to send me an email( [email protected]) or add me up on snapchat( @ValerieEgbuniwe) and send me a message. My snaps are open and I get to interact with you guys and it’s so amazing!

Outfit Details

Blouse- @ShopOmowunmi
Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes- TopShop
Hair- Lavy Hair
Photography- Nene
I don’t know if you notice how happy I was in this pictures, that was after an amazing meal from

The Mango Room and a good laugh with the beautiful people I enjoy working with.

Have an amazing week,
With Spice,
Valerie ✨

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