Today’s title..’Glowing‘ totally clichè right? Considering it’s summer and I don’t know about you but I intend to glow on every side and not just with the illuminators! But also from within which I believe would most definitely reflect on the outside.
 Pulling off  this outfit was a bit tasking because on a usual day I’m not one to pull off a backless dress or blouse .On a usual day, I’ld give a side eye if someone asked me to wear them. I’ve realized that it’s always okay to try out things that you never would’ve thought of doing because usually, they do end up pretty good like this outfit here.
I thought to play it safe with this, trying my best to stick to as much neutrals I could handle but also adding a Pop of color because , Summer!
 With my wardrobe so far it’s been an interesting and enlightening ride and I probably would be sharing with you why it has been so pretty soon.
As I’ve learnt how important it is to flatter your body type with your wardrobe.
I’ve been working on a few things and trying to put a lot of things in order too, I’ld probably be doing something more detailed on the “scoop” I shared above.
 Now can we take a moment to appreciate this skirt! It’s been a fun experience with it so far considering the value I got it for which was 500 naira. 
High fashion is super cool, I believe in owning it if you can afford it and not starve to death but I find thrifting therapeutic. Truth be told I discovered thrifting at a down point in my life and I’m super glad that I did.
 The top in this post is actually part of the co-ord from this post HERE

Top-Mami Coco
Skirt- Thrift
Shoes- Top Shop ( from a random store)
Bag- Dior
Photography- Benson Edo
That’s all for now. Least I forget how’s everyone doing??? What are your plans for the weekend? Add me on snapchat to see what I’m up to this weekend

HERE. What are your thoughts on this look? What are your tips for pulling off outfits that show skin? Do let me know below.

Have an amazing weekend,
With Spice,
Valerie ✨

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