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Finding Your Peace ft. Inighi

Working a 9-5 has really changed my life, I don’t even know how many times I might have said this but it honestly has. It gave me the opportunity to push myself, to face things I couldn’t handle, to also discover myself, to understand different situations in ways I might not have thought of, to start my business…… the list could go on and on.
Most importantly, it taught me to know when I am at peace with myself and also to know when I don’t feel that peace anymore.

Being a 19 year old with a lot of dreams is quite a tasking thing to do, especially in a country like Nigeria that sometimes youthfulness in some fields is being frowned upon.
I somehow have managed to stay sane in spite of all the new life changes I am experiencing and I would be letting you in on my top 3 tips.
For someone like me who would rather have her entire life written down somewhere, read it and live it this was so hard!!!1 Dealing with uncertainties is definitely not my forte but these past months, I have surprised myself.
I control what I can and what I cannot I leave to the only person who I trust has my entire existence covered, GOD.
When worry tries creeping in, I always tell myself this “Remember that all things work together for them that love the Lord”, that being said I try my possible best not to stress over that issue again.

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Allow me to add and lean not on your own understanding. He hasn’t for once let me down. Whenever I lay everything at His feet, even those days when it doesn’t feel like He’s doing anything, best believe He is working.
I am at that place now where I believe that He is meeting all my needs and handling all my situations.
Most times, we might not understand His ways but they’re always the best. So if He shuts a door, then He most likely doesn’t want you walking through that door.

Most of us have run this race called life with so much effort, that we’ve been giving everything to this race, to the point when there’s nothing to give anymore and we feel so burned out that we decide that we have made a total mess of it and are now failures of some sort.
Recently, whenever I feel burned out or exhausted, I always try to step back from all the hassle life has to offer and relax most times breathe!
Doing this would help you so much because you have the energy to invest in other areas i.e building amazing friendships, family, etc.
You really don’t need to push till you break, but we still need to push just not at the detriment of yourself and happiness.

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Finding peace doesn’t have to be so much of a struggle although we cannot deny that sometimes it really is. 
It took me a while to learn these habits and put them into my daily living but I am so glad I did.
On that note, I would love to know your tips on keeping sane when the going gets tough.
This is how I get trough mine, I would honestly love to know how you do yours.
Love & Light,
Valerie ✨

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