April 2020 Favorites: Lockdown Edition

April 2020 Favorites: Lockdown Edition

Lockdown has been hard on everyone because no one saw it coming. In order to have a good day even during these uncertain times, I have been able to find a few things that have helped me get through.

Although I initially planned to talk about only 10 products, I went a bit overboard because I wanted to share all the things I’m loving.

I made a really fun video which you can watch on my Youtube. I’ve also included links so you’re able to shop some of the items directly.
When I say I got y’all, I really do mean that! We’re all in this together 😉

Here are my favorites if you do like to read 🤗

Lohn Lagos Signature Candle

This is easily the first product on the list of my current favorites.  It was a gift from my manager when I was leaving my previous job. This candle by a Nigerian brand Lohn Lagos in aged whiskey & pear has a rich and expensive scent.  It gives off this luxurious fragrance and I really love it. I burn this candle all the time, well.. I have stopped doing that so I can make sure it does last a good while.

Black Cherry Merlot Candle.

I actually got this candle by White Barn as an extra from Airshop.   I was burning my Lohn candle a lot and I needed a backup. This Black cherry merlot candle, infused with some essential oils has this fruity scent which I absolutely love and enjoy burning. The scents just fill up the room and I think that is really nice.

Mug From IWD Event by WeTech

I got this mug as a gift from the IWD event by WeTech. The mug looks really cute, it says “Product Associate and has the African woman image inscribed on it. I work as a product associate for my 9-5 and I think this was a very thoughtful gift. 

L’occitane Night Serum

I received this product for PR actually but, I haven’t been using it religiously till lockdown. I currently use it every night and I love the way it makes my skin feel in the morning. This product is a night reset serum, it revitalizes the skin, smooth fine lines, and wakes up the skin giving you that cute youthful radiance I am absolutely enjoying.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution

 I have been looking to switch up my skincare routine and try new products, so I was excited to try out the ordinary glycolic acid toning solution which acts as a mild chemical exfoliant. 

 For some time, my skin had a different texture on my forehead and cheekbone but since I started using this product my texture is a lot smoother! I advise using this product at night because it contains certain acids that make your skin vulnerable to sunburns.

Beats By Dre

I really love this headphones because it doesn’t trap me to any device I choose to listen from and makes me the ultimate multitasking queen! Sound is also of amazing quality. It came with my laptop as a plus and I will definitely recommend it.  You can get one from an Apple store or any good tech store around you.

Stay With Me — By Ayobami Adebayo 

This is a book I am currently reading. It was recommended by Temi Otedola and a friend of mine gave me her copy. The story captures the experiences a Nigerian woman goes through in marriage that isn’t really spoken of. It also captures the Nigerian setting at the time the book was written. I really love the book and would totally recommend it if you can get your hands on it. 

Victoria Secret “Bare Vanilla”

I am not really a big fan of vanilla fragrance, but I absolutely love this body spray by Victoria Secret. It smells really sweet and sexy and I love spraying it on my skin before I wear perfume. Although the fragrance doesn’t last so long, it just comes in really handy when I want to freshen up after work or the gym.

Dove Body Wash

I have been in search of a body wash that would be soft on my skin and scent right, once I saw Octavia B review this, I decided I was going to search for it. I really love how it gets my skin clean without stripping it of all the oil and the scent that lingers on my skin after a shower.

Pepsodent Sensitive Expert

As someone who used to have really sensitive teeth, I tried to educate myself on tooth care. Since I started using this Pepsodent toothpaste my tooth sensitivity has reduced a lot. I use a very little amount to brush my teeth every day and once a week I rub some of it on my gum and around my teeth, this process has reduced my tooth sensitivity.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Balm

It’s so funny how I used to wonder why people actually bought this product but right now it’s one of my favorite products and it’s super affordable. My lips used to dry up after brushing at night and I previously used other lip balms to moisturize my lips, but they usually rub off before morning. This lip balm is amazing! It stays on my lips through the night and I wake up with my lips moisturized.

 I hope you enjoy this post and please feel free to drop a comment and share your current favorite products too.
I’m trying to discover new products as well

Love & Light,
Valerie 🤎

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