We all want something in life. I guess that’s one of the things that make us humans. Christmas is around the corner and I am finally feeling it because I am done with exams and I can’t help but want to do all the Christmas traditions I never really got to do growing up and making all the traditions I would have with my kids when I finally have them. Not straying away from all the beauty and moments Christmas has to offer, I decided to put down what I actually want this year and who knows Santa might just be around the corner.

Call me old school or what not but in as much as I am totally in for the digital frenzy we find ourselves in today but there’s something about polaroids that I still find aesthetically pleasing and somewhat satisfying. I love that they capture moments and give you something to share or leave behind with each experience. I’ve been craving one since they launched and it honestly wouldn’t hurt to receive one. My 2016 would literally be made and I would finally have something to document with and share more aesthetically pleasing photos.


I first came across this brand from content creator and photographer Dazhane Leah, I went on to heck out their Instagram account and I fell in love and honestly wanted one for myself but in this time of recession,trying to build a brand and my student bank account. I just admired them and decided to put one on my wish list who knows what could happen.

I’ve been craving a pair ever since I discovered them in 2015. Sad thing is either the affordable ones don’t have my size or something just happens and I miss these babies. I love how they’re are so comfortable and yet effortlessly stylish. I believe every woman needs one in her wardrobe. Asos is my go to store for very stylish yet affordable options. All these cost below 30 pounds.

I stumbled upon this brand on the gram and I have watched them grow over the months and I am really proud to see a Nigerian brand breaking the status quo. With the launch of their Christmas collection, I would be telling a huge lie if I say I don’t want the entire collection but to be modest and certainly not greedy, I honestly would love to own this adorable tote from Maju, it is so damn pleasing to the eyes and would definitely be my go to everyday bag and the best part is that you get 2 bags with one purchase and Oh! the color and that lip detail makes everything better.


Starting off a new year with bad skin is definitely not an option for me as I intend to glow both within and outside next year and I’ve been keeping up with this carefully curated skin care brand on the gram for a while now and I absolutely love how edible their products look(yes edible!) and I absolutely wouldn’t have a hard time using products that smell so good and look very edible.
Dear Secret Santa,
I wouldn’t mind being gifted the “Naughty or Nice box” because I need to have glowing skin!

Image Source: Vitae London,Shop Maju, Bath Kandy,Instagram,
That’s it, guys, these are what I would really love to have for Christmas. What are you secretly wishing for? Don’t hesitate to share because Santa might just be around the corner.

Have an amazing week,
Bursting with goodness,

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