6 Tips to Help You Stay Calm: COVID 19

6 Tips to Help You Stay Calm: COVID 19

When I first read that COVID 19 cases had been found in Nigeria, I knew it was going to affect us I just wasn’t sure how much.
It’s now April 7th and the cases have grown to over 250 and we’re still experiencing a lockdown in Lagos, Nigeria where I live.

I sent out my Love Notes, to this community on my last day at the office when it was announced in my team that moving forward, we’ll be working from home.

The world is currently going through a major change and today I’ll be sharing “6 Tips to Help You Stay Calm During a Crisis”


I hope that you find these tips helpful and one of them help you through this time.
Please Stay Safe and Take Care of yourself, your mental health and your loved ones.

Love & Light,
Valerie 🤎

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