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Firstly Happy New Month! This is so late yes I know but it’s better late then never yeah? Couldn’t let April go by without saying that to you amazing people.

This my sound totally insane, this post might be uploaded a month later after I’m presently drafting it. I always say I’m one of those people out there who are willing to learn and pick up cues from any source. It’s the third day of exam week in school (the reason why I’ve been MIA on the blog and I really do apologize for the sudden leave) .

 On Monday,the 11th of April exactly 2 days to the commencement of exams, I woke up with serious pains in my gut and this pain was like no other I’ve felt and I tried to recall all the factors that could be responsible for this. My mind always ready to clap back whenever I don’t listen reminded me of all the unhealthy meals I had consumed in the past 3 weeks from frizz drinks to meals I wasn’t really sure of how they were prepared to even how I finished a medium sized tin of Peak Powdered Milk because of how I kept having 3-5 spoons each time I got bored or felt the need to taste something.
       Then it dawned on me, that I might be physically healthy on the outside but my insides were a mess. This realization didn’t save me from the persistent stomach aches but I had to deal with them both and I made a decision to finally stay off frizz drinks and eat healthy the best way I could even while being a student in a Nigerian University which I must say is extremely difficult.
      I first of all started off with drinking a lot of water which at some point got boring and almost had me going back to the Evil Frizz as I would like to refer to such drinks as now . God must’ve really had my back at that instant because I just saw the last bottle of Wilson’s Lemonade and I decided to give this much talked about drink a try.
     Sometimes I read everything, this time I’m glad I did because I’m about to share the few lessons I learnt from that little bottle with you today.

Here they are;
** Choices Might Be Hard– Sometimes we know the right choices to make in certain situations. We know what to do to ace that test or what to do to make it early for that meeting but it’s human nature to find it difficult to do some of these things. We shouldn’t settle for less and give up striving let’s stop  trying to do things and actually start doing them.

 Choices might be hard but stick to them. Most times we’re really helped by them.

** Inspiration Comes Whenever – Be attentive and extremely open to the happenings around you because you never know which might be a source of inspiration. Having an open mind and always being willing to learn places you far ahead of a bunch of things.
** Start No Matter How Small-If you’ve got an idea, it might be really small but give it a shot. That really little business may someday grow to be something really huge if you give it all you’ve got and it’s your purpose for being on earth. Quit comparing to other huge businesses out there or waiting to you have it all figured out before you start. The truth is , you may never have it all figured out.
** Eat Healthy- This is really important no matter how skinny you think you might be. Eating healthy doesn’t have nothing to do with your physical appearance although it helps it. Rather this affects your insides, your systems and your health in general. Eating healthy would save you a lot of stress and trouble especially when started at a young age.
** The Health Benefits of Lemon–   I’ve always heard how amazing this fruit is but never really got to find out what I could gain from it. I would be mentioning a few which are: Aiding indigestion and constipation, help solve arthritis, aid skin care and dental health. Read up more about Lemon   HERE

I’m really glad I got to experience this. I just learnt so much from this little experience and don’t forget

When Life Gives You Lemons,You Control What You Do With It


Dress- Amelia Couture
Shoes- New Look
Hair- Noble Kinky Bulk Crochet Wig( made by me)
Sunglasses- Jumia Fashion 
Photography- Kechie
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