2016: Cheers to a New Year

2016: Cheers to a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone ❤️❤️
I know this is day 16 of 366 and it’s coming a bit late. I really did miss blogging and creating content but this year I aim at producing the best and creating amazing content for you.

This picture here captures all the emotion I wanted it to and it was my first ever studio session. It took me a while to get comfortable at first but Niyi made it easy and I think they turned out pretty good. This is also the first time I’m debuting my 11-month-old natural hair on the blog. In case you’re not subscribed, please do as I’ll be putting up posts on what I do and how I take care of my hair.

I’m not really about making resolutions, I’m so positive about this year that  I’ve taken out time to write down all that I hope to achieve this year and I’m glad to say that 2016 is off to a great start.

I just wanted to welcome each and everyone into this new year and wish you the best of the best!

Have an amazing 2016
Pictures taken by- @niyiokeowo
Mesh Jacket- DIY

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