Hello Everyone,
Happy New Month! This should’ve come earlier as well as a bunch of other things but the way life has been set up, that’s probably a story for another day. It’s about 2:50 am and I didn’t seem to be getting any sleep as my mind kept wondering and thinking about a bunch of things that have gone on since this year began and thinking led me to putting down lessons I’ve learned so far not because I’ve been told to know all this but because let’s say I’ve experienced the lot of it.

I hope this lessons are able to help someone out there take on the week and the rest of the year.

Here they are:
1.  Everyone is going through the same journey
2.Never loose sight of who you are
3. There’s nothing more beautiful than inner strength
4. You were made to be you
5. Self respect would make you stronger

6.There’s always a positive side to things
7. Love Your Body
8.Beauty comes in all forms
9.Self acceptance triumphs all
10.Women helping women is more important than everything else
11. It’s what’s on the inside that counts
12.You decide what beautiful means to you
13.Hater’s don’t deserve the pleasure of a response

14.Never settle for something just because it feels safe
15. Living your truth is the only perfection there is
16.Shame and fear are a waste of time
17.You can’t love anyone else properly until you fully love yourself
18. Appreciate your experiences with pain because they’re part of your journey to fulfillment
19. Take the time to truly get to know yourself
20. Failure is just an opportunity to improve.

What are the lessons 2016 has thought you so far? I honestly would love to know. I’m always open to learning new things and learning from you would be an amazing experience. Keep up with me on all social media platforms (@ValerieEgbuniwe)  and feel free to check out my contribution on Style Me Africa
Have an amazing week and go slay the rest of the year
With Spice,

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