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(Watch this vlog to see a short clip of the experience)
I honestly have no idea when I’m finally going to get to doing that life update post I promised y’all but I am honestly working on it and making a few changes here and there but first things first… I’ve got a 9-5 job and  I am now a member of the working class (*sounds weird right?) I have a whole lot of other interests and tech is one of them.
I honestly wish I had a camera to capture the amazing moments from this particular day but unfortunately, I only got iPhone pictures.
This exercise was actually needed for my co-workers and I. We got to unwind, understand each other better which was really essential and important for team building and functioning.
And then there was food and games and it just felt really good to know these people outside of a work environment.
So far, I actually love my job and I have been able to discover a lot of strengths I didn’t know I possessed and I am super grateful for that.
If you’ve been harboring the thought of a beach day out and have been overlooking it because it just sounds weird, please have a rethink, outings like this help employees and organizations function better.
Sheer Dress- HERE
Shorts- HERE
Tank top-HERE
Hair Details- HERE
Have you ever been on an office outing? Would you love to go on one? Where would you like to go?
I would really love to hear from you.

Love and Spice,


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